What Is The Definition of Theta Healing?


1. What is Theta Healing? Theta Healing is a spiritual modality that accesses the subconscious mind to uncover deeply held beliefs or thoughts that do not serve us. We do this whilst in a Theta Brainwave state (there are 5 brainwave states) and then work with Spirit/Energy/Creator to remove and replace these limiting thoughts or beliefs, transforming them into more positive and better-serving ones enabling you to live a healthier, more joyful and fulfilled life. Using muscle testing (applied kinesiology), body scanning (quantum energy scanning), and channelling.

2. Where did Theta Healing Originate? Theta Healing is ancient knowledge rediscovered and structured as a meditation and healing modality by Vianna Stibal, in America founded in 1995. There are training centres and practitioners across the globe. 

3. How does Theta Healing work? By entering a Theta Brainwave state (meditative) we access spirit and the subconscious mind where deeply held thoughts and beliefs are. By intuitively reading (body scanning) and muscle testing, a practitioner is able to help identify where blocks and negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings are held. Then working with the Creator/Life Force Energy, we work to remove these and replace them (downloads) with better more empowering ones. Through an awareness of the 'issue' (or thought/belief) and by 'witnessing' the change, people are able to embody and create more positive thoughts and beliefs, we make better decisions, take more empowered action, leading to more positive feelings and therefore life experiences. 

4. Is Theta Healing a religion or do I have to be religious for Theta Healing to work? The short answer is no to both. Theta Healing is identified as a spiritual practice utlising intuitive faculties and energy reading, and in order for it to be effective, the person receiving Theta Healing, needs to be ready and willing to heal, have a belief in a greater or higher Life Force/Creator and be willing and receptive to hear the information being received and to embody changes and take action to create better and more positive life experiences. 

5. What will happen in a Theta Healing session? A Theta Healing session will take place in a calm, relaxing environment or can even take place remotely (many practitioners do sessions online too). You will need to drink lots of water before-hand (to enable effective muscle-testing) and come with an open heart and open mind. We identify what challenges or particular issue you wish to work on in the one session. Then entering a meditative Theta state, permission is asked to work with your energy. We then identify the beliefs through body-scanning and asking Creator, and clear negative beliefs and blocks, replacing with new thoughts, and muscle testing to see the new beliefs are embodied. You then identify what action you will take going forward. Some people need more than one session to work on deeply held beliefs and patterns.

Amelia Critchlow