How To Clear Negative Beliefs and Self Sabotaging Thoughts With Theta Healing®


Thoughts lead to decisions which lead to actions which then leads to our experiences in life.

Most of us have programs and beliefs already running ‘the show’ (the show of us and how our lives are panning out), and these thoughts and beliefs come from a variety of places such as messages we received as children, messages from education and messages from our culture and society as well as past life and ancestral beliefs.

Now, if these messages are empowering and our lives are going in the direction we would like and we feel happy, content and fulfilled then our thoughts and beliefs are serving us and all is good and well.

However, you may feel things are not going well, or there are some things you want to change or even that there are issues that constantly re-occur and you find yourself asking ‘why does this always happen?’

If this sounds about right, the chances are there are some self-sabotating beliefs blocking you from achieving the outcome and results you desire in your life.

This is where Theta Healing comes in. Theta Healing uses basic kinesiology (muscle testing) to check your beliefs – particularly the subconscious ones you are not aware of – which are leading you to make certain decisions and getting certain results.

Once the belief has been identified, the practitioner enters the Theta Brainwave (meditative state) to connect with Source Energy and the client’s energy to remove and replace that belief. This is also known as intuitive body/energy scanning and ‘belief work’ as these beliefs and thoughts show up as ‘energetic blocks’ – quite often the place one may have physical issues or symptoms in their body.

The simple act of accessing and witnessing the removal and exchange of this energy with a practitioner and corresponding beliefs and thoughts is quick, powerful, and entirely painless! Identifying beliefs can be emotional at times though.

We now identify what new feeling or thought you would like to bring in (which will lead to better actions and in turn better results in your life), by the simple act of asking for and accepting new ‘Downloads’ – this is saying 'yes' to the new positive thoughts and beliefs you would like to embody.

Finally, muscle testing is done again to ascertain the new belief has been accepted by you and is now part of your sub-conscious mind’s beliefs.

Then we identify what action/s you will take in order to reap different results – because, if you do the same thing, you will continue to get the same results. But with the new thoughts in place it is much easier to start doing and getting what it is you desire.

These changes will then become manifest in the outside world. If for example you have issues with being ‘visible’ when marketing your Business we can work to remove the beliefs about what being seen might mean (negative) and replace them with new ones enabling you to now comfortably take the right action needed in order to move forward with your life, your business or whatever it is you have chosen to work on.

Theta healing sessions involve energy clearing, two-way discussion (client & practitioner), and working with both the conscious and sub-conscious mind together. The one ingredient vital to all change is that you are ready for healing to take place and changes to occur in your life.

Sometimes the most powerful things for the most powerful change are the simplest to do.

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Amelia Critchlow

Amelia Critchlow