Creativity Sessions

£137 for each one hour session
(you can book an additional 30 minute slot on top of your first hour @ £60)


Creativity is well known as a form of meditative practice, an opportunity to ‘switch off’ and engage the sub-conscious. This is why it is often called going in to ‘the zone’ and how we lose track of time when immersed in pleasurable, creative activities. Everyday life can be hectic, overwhelming with an emphasis on thinking, thinking, thinking which can lead to stress if not balanced with creative and body-work. Being creative allows us to enter an entirely different time and space, mentally and physically, restoring our wellbeing and energy. As a trained artist and tutor, I know first-hand the power and transformative effects of engaging in creative activities. Using visual art, these unique and carefully crafted sessions utilise my years of experience in art and tutoring. We will enter a world of wonder and enchantment, switching off from any stresses and you will be guided in a structured yet organic journey, where magic happens.

These sessions can be used as tools to:

  • Switch off and de-stress encouraging a meditative state whilst I guide you

  • Be used as a space and activity to discover what is ‘going on for you’ right now, quite often leading to insights, answers, or discoveries that had previously been baffling or you were unsure about

  • Set an intention with a focused ‘create’ session as a way to ‘bring into being’ something new in your life through the process of physically creating with your hands engaged and your mind allowed to roam freely. You will need to come with an intention in mind

  • Refresh your own creativity and flow if it feels stuck or blocked

Choose which one of the above you would like to focus on and below, which creative session calls to you: 

  1. COLLAGE – this session can be used powerfully to create a blend of images and papers that set out to create, fulfil and bring into ‘being’ a set intention. It can also be used to switch off entirely and work with what you are ‘drawn’ to and enter an enchanted meditative state. I will guide you through techniques and methods.

  2. EXPERIMENTAL SKETCHBOOK – a totally fun session with a series of playful activities to release your inner creativity and learn techniques you may never have seen previously (unless you are a highly trained artist who has been through art school of course!)

  3. ZEN DRAWING – I love this. It is as it sounds – a chance to take a pencil or other drawing implement and work with elements around us and the imaginal to enter a zen-like state and way of drawing. You will be guided and provided with all drawing materials, methods and sources to draw from.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life
— Pablo Picasso

Please don’t worry one iota if you’ve never done this type of thing before, be courageous and dare to try it and know how great it will be. Adults need to play and create as much as younger people do. And if you have done creative art before or you work in the creative industries these sessions will awaken fresh inspiration and restore your creativity. All materials – including your very own sketchbook to go away with – will be provided for your session.

During our Creativity Session you will be guided and led through key creative visual art activities with a focus on fun, fulfilment and insight (should insight be one of your intentions) – a session designed specifically for you to simply explore or work with a desired outcome in mind. Before your session let us know what you would like to focus on and we will carefully curate a bespoke and unique experience just for you ☺ 

These sessions are held in person or online (via In person sessions are held in a private members lounge at the Royal Festival Hall at Southbank in Waterloo, London. Please let us know if you would like an in-person or online session and on making your booking details of location or zoom meeting room will be sent to you.

Please Note
A 48 hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise the full single session fee will be charged.

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