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THIS IS my mission

To support, empower and equip those ready to cultivate their creative and intuitive powers in order to create a life they love, find and fulfil their purpose and have a positive impact on the world. You are an important part of this matrix we call life and the world needs you. Amelia Critchlow.


Theta Healing

Theta Healing® is a powerful energy-based healing modality that works with self-limiting beliefs and feelings, changing them into positive beliefs to create a life you desire. Working with the Theta brainwave (there are 5 key brainwave states); a relaxed meditative state, we are most able to tap into our subconscious to transform negative thoughts and beliefs into their affirming opposite to heal and manifest impactful results in your life.


Bespoke Creativity

Creativity is well known as a form of meditative practice, an opportunity to ‘switch off’ and engage the sub-conscious. Using visual art, these are unique and carefully crafted sessions utilizing my years of experience in art and tutoring. We will enter a world of wonder and enchantment, switching off from any stresses and you will be guided in a structured yet organic journey, where magic happens.


Organic Me

An ‘Organic Experience’ Session focuses on oils and products for de-stressing, living harmoniously and enhancing your wellbeing on a day-to-day basis. This Session includes an essential oil sampling and organic product discussion, a mini hand massage and a ‘Restore, Rebalance & Recharge’ Neal’s Yard Bag of goodies. Leave feeling revived and informed with additional resources to create wellness on a practical and daily basis

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Giving Back

I love philanthropy, so as part of my services, with EVERY session you invest in for yourself, 10% of the value will go toward investing in a better and brighter future for all, by donating that 10% to the TreeSisters non-profit.