The Three Ways We Create Our Lives

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There are three key elements we need in place to see success in all areas of our lives…. read on for more.

Have you ever wondered why what you are trying to achieve doesn’t happen?

Are you someone who reads the books, sets the goals, does the affirmations and takes the actions, but some things just aren’t quite manifesting for you? Something’s blocking you and your’e not quite sure what it is?

It’s taken me an age of researching, trying, testing, experimenting and delving deep into understanding just how we create our lives (and yes, that means, what ‘shows up’ in our lives). This enquiry stemmed from going through a lot of personal pain.

In order to get the results we desire, there are three key elements that need to be in place in order to create the outcomes you or I wish for.

If one of the three is not in ‘balance’ it is very unlikely you will achieve what it is you are setting out to do.

These three are:

  • Energy/Beliefs

  • Intention/Word

  • Action

These three are the basis of how we CREATE – and all 3 need to cohere and align in order to manifest actual physical results.

What do I mean by this?

Ok, so if you hold a thought/belief deep down (i.e. in your subconscious) that money is hard to come by for example, you may find you are continually creating the experience that money is hard to come by and therefore not enough of it is showing up in your life, or its appearance is up and down. However, you may be saying out loud - through affirmations – such as “money comes to me with ease and grace” and you are taking all the right actions, but because one of the three is ‘mis-aligned’ it will not show up.

Another example is believing you are worthy of money and abundance, but you use the language “I’m broke” or “I don’t have any money” and even though you are taking action, the money isn’t showing up.

It’s vital and key to have all three in place; thought (belief or energy), word (intention) and action and have all three aligned. This takes self-development work, energy work and practice. There are many activities you can do in order to ensure all three are aligned with the exact same energy and intention.

How many people do you know who say one thing and do another? And do you see them ‘create’ (experience) mixed results in their lives?

As it’s not possible to have a ‘sportsperson’ talk about sports but then not do any actual physical sports and be a success, so it is also not possible for us to believe one thing, say another and do another and then feel exasperated when what we ‘want’ isn’t showing up in our lives.

We are living in an era of deep transformational change. If you have read ‘The Power of Now’, you will know that there are those who are working hard to raise consciousness and bring light to a much-needed planet and its peoples. Now is the time to step up, align and take action, this includes ‘working’ on ourselves in order to create inner peace and abundance, because when we create it for ourselves we see it manifested in the outer world too. Everything – yes everything – begins within and then shows up on the so-called ‘outside’ – the manifest, 3D material plane.

As a trained artist and creative person, I have always been curious about the creating process, not just within visual arts, but in life per se. It is the reason I have brought my work and training together to work with others to explore and create successful strategies for manifesting inner-calm (peace), wellness, abundance, creativity in order for this to vibrate out into the wider world. When our own cups are full and over-flowing then others can come to us to fill their cups and flow and abundance is in place.

We do nothing for the world by living in inner turmoil, poverty, scarcity and struggle. When we understand that everything in the world is vibrating energy – including our very own bodies and selves – and also understand through the gift we’ve been given – our minds (consciousness) – we are able to create the inner and outer worlds so many of us desire at this time.

This forms the basis of my mission; to work with others to create the success that will deliver us all from the perils that so many of us worry about. Worry and fear are the absence of love and peace. To build love, peace and abundance inwardly means we will see it reflected outwardly. Are you in the game? Are you a game-changer and lightworker? Do you wish to see the changes you long for in the world? And are you ready to be the change you wish to see?

I invite you to explore with me in the soul sessions and Coaching Programmes I offer (more to come on this and if you’d like to be the first to know, please do sign up to my FREE 5 day mini e-course & be on my mailing list). Here we will delve deep into the beliefs and energy that have become stuck and release and transform them in order to start the process of cohering thought, word and action so that you can finally see and feel the results you desire in all areas and see the positive impact on the world too :)


Amelia Critchlow