3 Month Programme from Passion-Idea to Launching Your Online Offer
Harnessing belief & energy-work with a ‘get-down-and-do’ approach!

For heart-centred solopreneurs& gamechangers who want to live their ideal life & have a profitable business in the coaching, consulting or service based industries

  • Have you got something you could teach or share with your ideal clients online?

  • Do you ever feel stuck & overwhelmed as to what to offer and how to roll it out online?

  • Ready to add a revenue to your business that means you’re not stuck in the time for money trap?

  • And do you want to banish that ‘little voice’ in your mind that keeps blocking you and pointing out all reasons you can’t do it?

  • Ready for a helping hand to walk through what to offer, and how to roll it out?

If so, then this ‘done with you’ programme is for you!… read on:

What we will cover in this 3 month programme together:

Week 1: Get clear on your heart-centred business vision & offer for online is (your GIFT & PURPOSE) & who your ideal client is & what your ideal life looks like 12 months from now

  • We get down with a crystal clear vision which is then taken in to a Crystal Clear Collage (it has to be visual for your sub-conscious to truly ‘get it’ - this is like setting your sat nav with a destination ;-) + we need to identify your BHAW ;-)

  • We envision and get clear on who your ideal client is - and I share the best ways to do this

  • Energy and belief clearing strategies for week 1 - we will always struggle to build our ideal life, business & dreams if we don’t clear the energy & beliefs that block us - anything is possible to manifest, but clearing the decks is VITAL first and foremost

Week 2: Strategise what your business model, service and offerings are & what to call it

  •  Here we get super clear on what your Ultimate Offer is and who you are offering it to

  • We get to name it - so that it’s not just another service but a clear formula that others ‘get’

  • We get to know and write out exactly what problem you are solving

Week 3: Here we ‘get to’ and start crafting your MAGNETISING offer; a free, highly valuable piece of content that you can share with others

  • We build out a landing page (a single web page with a single offer on it) - I will show you exactly how to do this using Squarespace - you can do this on your own platform but I will be using Squarespace to demonstrate

  • We will craft the content for a 3 or 5 day mini e-course that will roll out on AUTOMATIC via Mailchimp

  • I will walk you through how you set up your free training/course in Mailchimp

Week 4: Here we cover list-building tips & How to craft & offer FREE Consults

  • We will cover, how to nurture your email list

  • how to get free & organic traffic to you & your offer

  • and how to offer and deliver FREE consults - this includes a strategic framework you can use for your own consults + consult booking systems

Week 5:

  • Here we get ready to LAUNCH your offer! How to send your best ever email to personally get to know those on your mailing list & for them to get to know you

  • Start to craft your offer in the Teachable platform - I walk you through the basics to get going on this learning platform to deliver you programme to your audience! Exciting!

  • Plus you start to understand your ideal client more and their pain points through listening in closely with your consults

Week 6:

  • Continue to roll out your Social Media presence - and know how to focus in on this

  • Send out your second really valuable email (details on what this is is on the ‘inside’ ;-) )

  • Learn the most effective ways for ATTRACTING YOUR IDEAL CLIENT - these are a combination of belief & energy strategies + ‘nuts & bolts’ practical techniques - highly effective when both are put together! Including a sound meditation recording to support this

Week 7:

  • Here we craft out the second valuable piece of content as part of your LAUNCH for your current audience and for new audiences. Learn how to deliver this valuable content across different platforms using the same content to reach new people & how THEY like to receive information

  • Here we will be learning how to craft the ideal sales pages and letters in an organic and authentic way that totally aligns with you and your offer

  • Learn how to create FUNNELS for FREE with my top Squarespace hack + learn how to create your own PayPal buttons for subscriptions & recurring payments & how to create the best ever thank you page (linking back from PayPal once payment has been made)

Week 8:

  • Craft and send out your next valuable piece of content to continue to attract your ideal clients in the run up to your launch next week!

  • Continue with Social Media, Your Free Consults + other client attracting strategies covered in week 6 to build your perfect audience ready for launch time!

  • We continue to craft and ideas-storm content in Teachable & hone your ULTIMATE OFFER

  • Discover the best ways for YOU to deliver your programme - 1:2:1, groups, ever-green or limited time enrollment and so on

Week 9:

  • Here we LAUNCH your offer with an ‘open cart’ - ready to purchase and work with you time!

  • Learn the best ways to follow up with your audience and those who want to work with you

  • Review the learnings of these past 3 months and figure out what to tweak or do differently moving forward - crafting a business is like making a piece of art-work, until you get it out of your head & on to the paper, you won’t know what’s working and what isn’t - there is no such thing as failure, only feedback & this only comes through action-taking!


If this sounds and feels like the ‘right’ thing for you, you can hit the button below to register your interest (and be the first to know when enrollment goes live).

Once you are all signed up & on-board you get an initial private 1:2:1 Session with me and you can choose to have a Coaching Session or a belief/energy-work session (Theta Healing®) to look at & release & replace any blocks you feel you may have.

You will also get access to:

  1. A Private Facebook group to share, ask questions and hang out :-)

  2. Live weekly Q&A calls with me to answer any questions you may have

  3. Belief/energy work strategies each week that support all the practical elements

You will need:

  • to know what service you are offering

  • we will be using Squarespace, Mailchimp & Teachable as platforms to deliver our content on so these are advisable (+ a PayPal Business Account)

  • to have an open heart, open-mind and a strong work ethic (the best businesses are a joy to build because you love them, but it still takes the action!)

  • a willingness to experiment, have fun and do the work together

Once the programme starts, content will be delivered once a week and you will receive an email reminder when it’s gone live - for the first 3 weeks of each month there will be a module that walks you through what action to take + a corresponding belief & energy section to ensure that what you set out to do is actually achieved (everything begins with heart-set and mind-set, so these activities will be the tools you need to do the ‘re-set’ in both these areas :-) ) You have your ‘homework’ and tasks to do as this is a ‘done with you’ programme. The 4th week of each month is an ‘action’ and reflection week with no new content delivered on this week - it gives you time to digest and do.

We get clear at the beginning and then the rest of the course is a walk-through roadmap to get your existing business online (or a branch of it) or a new business online and teach or share with people your high value content that will transform lives & create that positive impact in the world.

Each week you get to ask me questions that relate to where you are at in the course. I give you clear strategies to launch out your offering as part of the programme.

If you feel you would like individual 1:2:1 private Belief & Energy sessions (as blocks may become more evident as you work through the content) then you are welcome to chat to me about booking in a (or some) sessions - group work lends itself well to the broader belief issues & blocks that come up for people, however, we all have our individual areas that are unique to us - we can look at these together if it feels right.


+ I’m also offering some AMAZING bonuses with this programme….

BONUS #1 - a 1 hour private 1:2:1 Session with my very own Graphic Designer - she is truly amazing and has an extremely intuitive knack of just ‘getting you’. Whether you already have a brand and logo or whether you are just starting out, she will work with you to give you a Dream Brand Audit and amazing tips & techniques to update or get the right look & visuals for your services and offering + a DISCOUNTED SPECIAL OFFER on any Graphic Design work that Floss does for you going forward - if you’ve not read the E-Myth by Michael E Gerber, I highly recommend, we live in a visual world and this is one of THE most important elements for me in any business

BONUS #2 - Manifestation Meditation to use to manifest the key things you feel will support your growth from money attraction, to ideal scenarios, people, places - all done with love and integrity :-)