Thank you for requesting the elevator pitch template! Your template will be in your inbox shortly. In the mean time I’ve crafted this short video & super special GIFT just for you :-)


You will receive

  • A one-on-one FREE session with me. You get a complete (perfect) elevator pitch ready to use anywhere & anytime. Your ideal clients will ‘get’ you & what you do, and know they need to work with you.

  • A specific step-by-step system to scale & grow your business and attract new clients. This will include a Business Blueprint (which you can download & print) after our session so you know exactly what to do next.

  • Additionally, if you don’t feel you’ve received phenomenal value from our time together, I will gift you a £25 Amazon voucher (just let me know on the call). Whatever happens it’s win-win :-)

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I truly believe in the power of what I’m sharing, as it’s transformed my own life and business. It has allowed me to be in a position to give back and am so grateful to those who have given to me. I wholeheartedly believe that if we all found a way to make our purpose and passion-work work, the world will be on it’s way to becoming the change we wish to see.

I’m on a mission to dispel the myth of the poor creative, healer, coach or heart-centred service provider for that matter! There is a way to create abundance from what we love doing. It all starts with beliefs + vision + strategy. I was lucky enough to be showed this, and now I want to show you.

Plus, honestly speaking, in doing so, I get to find my dream clients. Being those who I love working with and those who love working with me. It’s the best way to discover if working together feels right for both of us. Given there’s no obligation, I know there’s nothing to lose and instead every likelihood that it’s a win-win all round. Amelia.xo



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