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Are you a dream-builder? A heart-centred solo-preneur and a game-changer that wants to make a difference in the world?

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Learn my simple but successful techniques and processes in order to truly start designing and creating your ideal life and seeing and feeling results.

These principles apply to ALL areas of life…

Understanding how clients/people are attracted to you.

And how abundance is created - or not created (if we don’t implement these strategies!)

I share all I’ve done to build a life I love, a dream business + attract & have adventures with my life partner :-)

This interactive webinar is designed with YOU in mind so you can understand what is creating your life currently…

And how to create more of what you want (immediately)!

Get ready to take some action during our time together & start designing & creating your ideal life!

Plus a chance to chat to me (Amelia) live! More on this in the Webinar :-)

This webinar will be held on:

EST (New York): 9.30am Friday 5th April

GMT (London): 1.30pm Friday 5th April



If you've chosen the $1 USD option you'll be charged the remaining $37 USD for your spot in 2 installments following the workshop. If you haven't received huge value from our time together, just email before 5pm GMT on Friday 5th and you won't be charged another cent.

Refunds will not be given if you've chosen the $27 USD option due to saving $10 USD :-)

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Amelia’s workshop was perfect. We all worked together to provide a safe environment to explore more about the techniques Amelia was sharing. Every detail was thought about and I feel I have grown in my self knowledge and feel better able to set and achieve my goals in business and in life.

- Clare Fraser

Travel Counsellor

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I really enjoyed Amelia’s workshop. She has a natural ability to connect with people, but also the way she spoke in her workshop - I could relate to a lot. The atmosphere was wonderful, as well, I very much enjoyed finding out things I didn't know were hidden inside of me! Looking forward to experiencing more workshops and sessions with this wonderful lady :)

- Toma Janulyte

Yoga Instructor

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Here’s what you’ll be getting in this webinar…

  • 10 clear & easy to understand principles to apply so you can begin designing & creating your ideal life and business straight away

  • Learn and apply techniques that draw to you exactly the right people and experiences (and avoid doing the opposite!)

  • Gain clarity about what is creating your life now in order to change and attract something better

  • Discover key elements that are often lacking (and overlooked) that stops people from creating what they desire

  • Understand what needs to align, so that when you take action you finally start seeing results

  • Learn a big truth about gratitude that is often misunderstood

  • An opportunity to chat to me in person to ask your burning questions & gain clarity on where you are now and what you want going forward

  • Discover my TOP 3 daily strategies that if implemented regularly will bring guaranteed results

  • How to move from 'I don't have/lack' to 'I know what to do/focus on' and abundant mindset thinking

  • How to create from the ‘right place’ and not fall into the trap of attracting the opposite of what you desire

  • Discover some great pricing “ideas” that attracts new buyers—without diminishing the value and worth of what you offer!...

  • How to cater your offers for different customers and how they 'read' your offer… so you attract even more clients and customers

  • I’ll be sharing with you exactly what I use

  • How to 'speak' to your potential clients so they know you 'get them'

  • A “short-and-sweet” email that turns cold leads into clients for free…

  • FREE Facebook strategies that will help you connect with your potential clients

  • How to use guarantees to keep away the noncommittal clients and attract only your ideal customers...

  • Ideas on how to turn your new clients into happy customers for the long run who want to come back fore more :-) ..

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