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I was at a really low point in my life and I was really pulled towards Amelia as a person but also I knew I had to try her Theta Healing. After just one Theta session with Amelia, I feel like I am motivated again to do things, I feel much happier and more confident. In the session we have managed to turn most of my subconscious beliefs around and I can truly say that I feel more powerful and less worried or scared of changes and all the other fears I had before. Plus already I have had new clients coming to my group sessions.

Amelia is very gifted and her way to understand her client is just wonderful. I didn’t have to say a word and Amelia just said everything that needs to be said like she was reading my mind. She has a way with words and finding out the root cause - whereas you yourself may have had no clue where it was coming from. If you are still thinking whether to go for a session..don’t think, just book and go see her - she’s amazing! Thank you Amelia!

- Toma Janulyte

Yoga Instructor

"My sessions with Amelia have been profound, her insight, kind nature and gifts are difficult to sum up in words. I’ve had some major breakthroughs in areas of my life that have been holding me back including relationships and financial fears and have felt calmer and more courageous. .

I’ve been given greater understanding and insight of how I’ve been blocking my own movement forward. I have worked with several practitioners in various modalities over the years and I have to say that Amelia’s approach and application is extremely unique and transformative on a very deep level.

The journey I have been on with her has literally astounded me and I look forward to having more breakthroughs in areas I know she can assist me with. I had not had Theta healing until my sessions with Amelia and I am so pleased I found this technique and such an incredible practitioner. I have been blessed with the gift of Amelia.

- Cinnamen Johnson

Stylist & Reflexologist

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“Working with Amelia is truly transformative. Her unique gift and attention to detail has helped me unlock trauma from my teen years that I had completely forgotten about. Trauma that was holding me back in so many aspects of my life. 

Her creativity and genuine interest in human nature encourages the most beautiful personal growth. I have developed a stronger ‘why’ for my business and understand where my fear of being seen was stemming from, allowing me to work with it and start to free myself from it.” 

- Francine Forde

Craniosacral Therapist RCST


“I just wanted to feedback that the work you have done has been phenomenal! I feel quite moved out of darkness. So much so that I can see many things going on in my life much more clearly now, with an insight on what to do next. I feel infinitely better. Thank you so much!”

- Mandy Gordon

Movement Director

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“I had heard about Theta Healing before but it wasn’t until I got into one of Amelia’s workshops that I was sure to give it a go. More than the medium or the instrument I choose to help me get through a low emotional or physical point is the person themselves who provides the support, and with whom I’d connect with in a vulnerable situation. Amelia definitely got this. I felt safe and confident to open up and surprisingly we covered so much in just 2 sessions. Just from the first session it was a truly amazing experience and I felt instantly lighter and from the second session much brighter. Since our sessions everything is going really well. I've started to feel really good, my income has raised for my work, I've regained enthusiasm with my work and clients, and have let go physically and emotionally of many things. I truly recommend Amelia’s services. Amelia’s gentle sensitivity and clear energy channelled for me was an exceptional and truly healing experience. Thank you Amelia.”

- Susy Socas

Relationship Coach

"For my Theta Healing session, Amelia asked me for the areas I wanted to focus on during our time, which I sent through a few days before. In the session, Amelia was very kind, gracious and patient allowing me to feel my authentic self. I felt relaxed and at peace and Amelia took the time to hear what I had to say as well as giving her own valuable insights.

I felt, and still feel, that Amelia's insights into my life past and present were, and are, like no other person has seen or noticed before - I feel I have more self awareness and knowledge about myself that I may never have discovered had it not been for our Theta healing session. I believe she is very gifted in helping people find their true calling in life and recommend Amelia for Theta healing - it will change your life for the better!”

- Amy Adams