Hello, Amelia here!

Welcome to my NEW blog post on how your beliefs can block what you desire & what you can do to start resolving that!

Here I want to show you how to start getting into the EXACT mindset needed to build your dreams and craft them into reality.

Even if you’re feeling like you’ve tried everything!

Now, I’m guessing you’re into self-development; taking action; addressing your challenges and finding solutions – is that right?

But have you ever felt like, you’ve done everything the books, the course’s, the ‘gurus’ told you to do, but still, certain areas still feel stuck?!

The same thing keeps happening; there still isn’t enough clients and the ideal business/relationship/lifestyle/fill-in-blank-here, still isn’t quite showing up yet?!

Well that was me and I TOTALLY get you!

I would fill out the worksheets, I would write out affirmations (& don’t get me wrong this is a GREAT thing to do and should totally be done if you’re wanting to start achieving your dreams ;-) )

I would take action too, and whilst some things did start to shift, other areas felt repetitively stuck - as though they would NEVER move forward or change.

Everything SELF-DEVELOPMENT told me to do – I did it!


I really felt like I was missing something. And I would ‘ask’, do some research. It was just an intuitive feeling that there was something else I didn’t know yet….

And then I finally discovered WHAT that missing key was – what the self-help world hadn’t told me, or made really clear – at least that’s how I felt.

‘Self-development’ seemed to be quite hard and all about a pushing through to achieve. All about go-getting, strict goal-setting and action-taking.

What happened to those of us who doubted ourselves, who couldn’t quite get the results that others were getting from doing the exact SAME thing?

This can be disheartening, because we are doing it too yet someone else doing the same thing is getting the results and we’re not. Have you ever felt like this?

Then I learnt that each of us (that may or may not be doing the SAME thing) have very different beliefs.

And even though the affirmations had been done, and the gratitude journaling and the goal setting and action-taking – no one EVER told me about the sub-conscious beliefs that limited me. And especially how to get rid of them!

Subconscious beliefs are unique and specific to each of us, which explained why different people doing the SAME thing got different results!

So let me ask you: (and this is one of the first things you can do for your journey to change)

- What was the money ‘story’ in your household when you were growing up?

- What was the story about relationships (or the feelings you felt/or observations you made)?

- And what were the messages you received at school about following dreams?

- Or even success or failure (oh my, don’t get me started about a system that tells us we either PASS or FAIL!!!!)

In my world, there is no such thing as failure – only feedback.

If things AREN’T working in our lives, it’s because somewhere along the line we don’t have the BELIEF or FEELING that it is possible.

And these can be totally sub-conscious! Plus, we wouldn’t even know what they were to change them! How bizarre (and challenging) is that??

All of us receive subliminal messages when we are growing up that form our beliefs. Beliefs form from the following places:

- Parents/family

- School/education

- Books, films, TV, advertising

- + the beliefs of the culture we grew up in

Now if something is held sub-consciously and we picked up these messages when our mind was just forming ‘truths’ about the world, can you imagine how HARD it is to change it?

Let alone know what they are!

But there is GOOD NEWS!

Because, if you become AWARE of what those subconscious beliefs are then you are ENABLED to change them and create something totally different and new!

We just need to start creating new habits and thought patterns and therefore beliefs.

Creating new neural pathways in the brain and new feelings and practicing these – just like you would go to the gym regularly to get a new physique!

And that’s exactly what I’m here sharing this, because I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to feel clueless about where to start or what I believed (sub-consciously)…that was blocking my dreams.

cristofer-jeschke-Beliefs Stars.jpg

So when I discovered the belief & energy work I now do as a Theta Practitioner it totally changed my world. I was able to discover my sub-conscious money stories for example.

And what my beliefs about my self-worth were.

And what a relief – you know why? Because our results can never exceed our beliefs about ourselves (our self-concept).


We first need to identify the old beliefs and stories then start developing some new ones that align with what it is we desire in our lives.

And I’m here to tell you it is TOTALLY possible.

If I can do it, you can do it

I wish I had found this twenty years ago, but I didn’t, but I’m so happy I get to share now.

When I started my Theta journey, I uncovered beliefs such as: ‘there was never enough money’ whilst holding the opposite belief ‘there is always enough money’ (yes, it’s possible to hold dual beliefs!)

And I knew EXACTLY where those stories and beliefs had come from!

Well that was definitely a pattern playing out in my life and when I asked my mentor about it, I was told, “you remove the belief that DOESN’T serve you and keep the one that does”.

And that’s what I did!

How different do you feel your life would be if someone could show you how to uncover those beliefs you don’t even know you have??

It has been a total game-changer for me.

I am showing up and serving the world in a way I love. I get to share all that I’ve learnt and know I can fulfil my passion and purpose and reason for being here, without the SELF-DOUBT – which just used to get in the way!

I now understand, know and believe in the value I have to offer to others.

So if you want to begin to identify the BELIEFS that don’t serve you – start to ask these questions….

What do I believe about:

(Identify your challenge areas here e.g. money, work, business, relationship for example).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming you simply identify beliefs and just because you’re now aware, they magically change!

I wouldn’t be doing the work I do if that was the case.

However, I can share the first step is to look at are your ‘challenge areas’ (or what’s not manifesting in your life)…

And start to uncover what beliefs you may have in that area that are holding you back.

Dig deep and explore what ‘stories’ you have around your challenge areas and where you might have got them from.

What messages did you receive about these challenge areas?

And now you have something to work with. You now have awareness, because it’s much harder to change things we are NOT aware of.

Now some things (beliefs) don’t always come from obvious times and places – this is too deep to get in to here, but if you ever chose to work with me, then I can share more & believe me it’s fascinating.

But I learnt from this process. Years ago I was struggling and I mean SUPER struggling – I had the worst relationship(s), I ended up on my own raising two children and realllly struggling financially.

Even worse, I couldn’t’ seem to get out of the hole I was in.

And even though I started to read the books and do the visualisations (which are key! And I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t started somewhere!)

But I discovered something else essential too. If we BELIEVE one thing, but then DO another and SAY yet another, we are in danger of creating the complete opposite of what we want because the 3 are conflicting.

So, an absolute MUST is to ensure that what you believe is in alignment with what you say and what you do.

Can you see the challenge if we’re taking action to fulfill something (a dream) or overcome a challenge when our SUB-CONCIOUS believes the opposite?

We end up in total contradiction wondering ‘why did that happen?’

But I’m here to tell you it IS possible to change this.

Once you’ve started to identify the beliefs that don’t serve you, and the reason for the challenges in your life, then we start to look at:

WHAT NEW BELIEFS DO I NEED TO EMBODY, AND WHO DO I NEED TO BECOME in order to achieve ‘that dream’ and/or eliminate ‘that challenge’?

By doing the exact work I’m sharing with you, I have managed to CREATE some amazing results in my own life: I am with my soulmate who totally supports what I do.

I have trained as a Quantum Results Coach (being a coach and helping transform other’s lives in a positive way has long been a dream of mine!) I have trained at BA & MA level in Fine Art (another dream) and make and exhibit work.

I have doubled and even trebled my income and earning ability and much more!

Without vision, our sub-conscious does not know where to go! I promise it’s true and it works if we give it a place to go!

And in order to ‘get there’ we need to change our self-limiting beliefs into new positive opposite beliefs.

And this is the key that ‘successful’ people already know.

However, there was another element I learnt; to get true results I needed to undertake all of this consistently.

And I found it hard doing it on my own.

I needed support. Someone to help me identify what those beliefs were that I couldn’t identify on my own.

Someone who would ask me if I had put the work in (like going to the gym – remember?) and then I had someone I could relay those achievements to.

Those milestones that showed me I was – and am – making progress!

We all need a supporting hand.

kal-visuals--helping hand_celebrate.jpg

And if I can do it, you can too. And that’s what I want for you. I wish I had discovered these things YEARS ago!

Don’t you just wish the growth could be accelerated? I know I did – too many years of struggling and things being the same can be disheartening.

And that is what happened to me, but I was determined to carry on; to find out what the ‘missing link’ was.

Just by identifying those sub-conscious beliefs and releasing them and adopting NEW ones, life can turn around 360 degrees (in a positive way!) Phew – what a relief.

So, it wasn’t that all the goal-setting, action-taking, affirmation-saying WASN’T working – I needed to address my sub-conscious beliefs and get the right mindset at a deeper level and then ALIGN everything!

I needed to get rid of the sub-conscious beliefs that were limiting and stopping me from achieving what I chose – that better life, that better relationship, that better business, that income that reflected my worth….

And then bring new BELIEFS into alignment with what I was desiring and what I was doing.

So, if you’re thinking, “but I’ve done so much meditation, affirmation saying, self development, goal-setting and action-taking and some things are still stuck”. This is for you!

If you’ve had enough of feeling blocked from achieving that GREAT feeling or amazing goal….

And if you’ve had enough of not understanding why you aren’t reaching your goals: your dream career, income, business - whatever it may be.

All of what I share here has meant things have changed for me in a really huge way - the things that weren’t working or were a challenge or problem.

But I had to commit. To look at the cause of my problems.

And I figured that I was getting in my own way – if others were doing what I wanted and achieving it, it had to be something to do with them and my life’s results had to be something to do with me.

It’s just I was creating unconsciously. I wanted to work out how to create MORE OF WHAT I DESIRED consciously.

This is why I started Soul Space Healers. Because whatever action we take, it has to be based in the knowledge and belief that we CAN achieve it, otherwise we feel like we’ve failed when something we set out to do doesn’t work!

So if you’re ready for something different.

If you’ve done a tonne of self development and you want to figure out what is blocking you (STILL!) with a helping hand…

And if you want to have a system and strategy to move things forward in a really positive, abundant and clear way then I would love to hear from you!

austin-chan-the sign you've been looking for.jpg

It is my desire to help and support others who are fed up of the frustration, of living small or creating things they just DON’T want in their lives and to change it all around now. Because I understand that feeling. And I’ve been there.

And if it wasn’t for the mentors who shared with me, the writers who wrote the books, the people that were vulnerable and shared their own stories and revealed what works, I wouldn’t be in the position I am now.

I choose to give back.

I truly believe the world will be a better place for those of us who are willing and committed to being the change they want to see.

And as we each fulfill our purpose, the world has a chance of becoming a far better place.

So if this is calling you, and you feel the time is right, I have opened up a few spots in my calendar for some private one–on-one CLARITY CALLS with me (yes, you can speak to me directly!)

This is a totally complimentary call to get clear on where you are, where you want to be and together we get to identify what you feel is blocking you.

You will then be empowered to know what is what and be able to CHOOSE what to do next.

It’s the best feeling in the world to understand, to know and to get clarity with another.

I’ve done it many-a-time and I’m grateful to my healers, teachers, mentors and coaches. Extremely grateful.

So, like I say, this call has no obligation attached to it all – these are complimentary. I’ve not put this out ever before on the ‘net’ – only ever offered to people I know, work with, and have met in-person.

But I’m trying an experiment – because I love experiments (and I love helping others achieve their dreams too) :-)

So, for this week ONLY, I have opened up a couple of spots. This is a first-come, first-served offer. So, if you would like one, don’t hesitate!

And if by any chance all the spots have gone by the time you read this, and you are feeling like I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need this right now, then drop me an email at: info@soulspacehealers.uk and let’s see what we can do.

Like I said, I wouldn’t be in the amazing and happy position I’m in now if it wasn’t for others, if it wasn’t for the commitment I made to myself to find the ‘keys’ and move forward and if it wasn’t for the amazing mentors I had – and still have.

So, to book in your personal Clarity Call just click on the *set time zone* below, see what’s available and book yourself in.

You will be sent a confirmation email containing your zoom link (we do the call via zoom.us, so if you don’t already have it, you can download it here for free & it takes about 10 seconds to do ).

This is for you if you are ready for change and I can’t wait to chat to you.


About Amelia

Amelia Critchlow is an MA & BA level trained Creative (Visual Art), Certified Belief & Energy PractitionerEducator & Quantum Results Coach working with individuals to remove blocks to success and helping heart-centred solopreneur's grow a profitable lifestyle business from their passion.

Amelia is founder of Soul Space Healers and has supported hundreds of clients GET CREATIVE & such as; find their passion & purpose, leave jobs they hate, create businesses they love, find thousands in owed money, quadruple their income! Understand systems and strategies for business growth + attract more (and dream) clients.

Amelia has previously won awards for her business plans and creativity and seen as her own daughter forge a successful art career exhibiting and selling internationally.

Amelia’s goal is to support others in realising their dreams, growing a stream-lined lifestyle business, remove any self-limiting beliefs (because our results can never be greater than our concept of ourselves) and seeing those with a passion-project create positive change in the world.


"I was at a really low point in my life and I was really pulled towards Amelia as a person but also I knew I had to try her theta healing. After just one theta session with Amelia, I feel like I am motivated again to do things, I feel much happier and more confident. In the session we have managed to turn most of my subconscious beliefs around and I can truly say that I feel more powerful and less worried or scared of changes and all the other fears I had before. .
Amelia is very gifted and her way to understand her client is just wonderful. I didn’t have to say a word and Amelia just said everything that needs to be said like she was reading my mind. She has a way with words and finding out the root cause - whereas you yourself may have had no clue where it was coming from. If you are still thinking whether to go for a session..don’t think, just book and go see her - she's amazing! Thank you Amelia!"

Toma J (@toma.j_yoga)
Yoga Instructor

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